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Writer: David Robertson. Artist: David Robertson, with 13 short stories drawn respectively by Claire Brown, Peter Conrad, Clio D, Zu Dominiak, Joan Edam, Helena Edwardson, Andy Hanks, Donna Hart, Paddy Johnston, Marc KZ, Tim Kelly, Stuart McAdam, Francesca Mancuso, Norrie, Neil Paterson, Iestyn Pettigrew, Neil Scott, Mike Sedakat, Tom Stewart, Andrew Strachan, Vedabredda, and Cherish York.

Enough Nonsense is a one man anthology – at least as far as the writing goes. “Utterly Untrue” remembers the decades when perceived wisdom was that the Titanic sank whole. “Personal Message” sees a private email from one person to another posted online. “A Discussion regarding Equality” has a heated argument on woke ideology. “Legacy” questions why on Earth one devotes so much time and effort to making comics. And there's more! I have 13 different short stories written by me, with art by others as listed above, on topics such as comics writers/artists workloads, turning 18 at the turn of the decade, the meaning of professional and aspiring artists, weeding books from libraries, clocks as artwork, the effects of working two jobs, liking the wrong pop groups for your peer group, daughters growing up, the inanity of TV quizzes, moral panics, the nature of reality, Pascal’s wager, music for kids or adults, memories of parenting, Star Wars coventions over the decades, unintentionally offensive shop signs, fridges that beep to be closed, listening to birdsong, reviews, older cats, the reality of numbers, and writers unwilling to write without payment.

Reviews of previous Fred Egg Comics:

David has a great talent for capturing the everyday and the strange thoughts that cross our minds. The struggles we all face, like ‘where did I put my face-mask’ and ‘do I need glasses?’
Alister Black, Daredevils & Warriors

This is another solid collection of stories by David and friends, which is something I’m kind of starting to take for granted, so maybe he should have his next collection by filled with total crap to keep me on my toes. It also has a really great ending and, as per his end notes, no, it doesn’t feel like a cheat at all. Give it a try, there’s something in here for everybody.
Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

Seriously, if you want variety in your reading, then get Reject All, it’s packed with all sorts of stories and varying art styles that offers something for everybody!
Warren Elliott, Almost Normal

These are funny. These are good. A little bit of slice of life mixed with some parody of mostly science fiction stuff and I am all for it.
Chris Piers, Comics Tropes

Format-book size: 5.83” x 8.27”
Colour / black & white
page count: 40